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Who We Are

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Helping Hands was established in 1989 through the extraordinary vision of founding board members representing 17 covenant churches in Georgetown County.  For more than 20 years, Helping Hands has been a credible, dependable source of assistance to Georgetown County's most needy residents. 

Helping Hands continues to operate through the faithful support of covenant churches, public and private foundations, and individual contributors.

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What We Do

Residents of Georgetown County who come to Helping Hands are experiencing a situational crisis such as a fire or loss of employment, or they are living in chronic generational poverty and are in need of assistance just to make ends meet day to day and month to month. In order to alleviate these conditions of poverty we provide assistance with basic human needs, emergency financial assistance, and case management assistance. Our basic human needs assistance consists of emergency food, clothing, and infant/toddler assistance once every three months. Helping Hands also offers its clients financial assistance for utilities, temporary lodging, dental extractions, or medical prescriptions once a year.


Some County residents are not aware of programs and services that, provided along with assistance from Helping Hands, can help stabilize crisis situations. At Helping Hands we provide case management services to help residents identify and utilize these services through The Benefit Bank. The Benefit Bank is a web-based service that a trained counselor uses to assist clients anywhere there is access to a computer and printer. At Helping Hands, our clients have a guiding hand to hold while they walk away from poverty.

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Address Information
1813 Highmarket Street
Georgetown , SC 29440
Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 9:00 - 2:00
Contact: Sharon Thomas
Contact Title: Executive Director
Phone: 843 527-3424
Right between Rite Aid and Auto Zone. Look for our new sign!
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